Poetic paintings


When you meet Sophie Aline Picaut, it’s not an artist that you are encountering, but a universe…a creative universe.
It’s in silence where she presents a lucid perspective on life and our behaviors and where she understands, or tries to decipher, the mysteries of human nature. The observation of the beings that surround her, the world and the sky feed her inspiration and her sensitivity.

She doesn’t put any limit on the expression of her reflections and the discoveries that she aims to share through each of her works.

Already a painter as a teenager, she has always preferred the freedom that the modern language of abstract art provides in order to “paint the colors of words and ideas.” She applies layer after layer of acrylic paint like different colored leaves. Then, she engraves the texts of which she is the author, and that inspire the creation of her artworks, into the height of the thickness of the flat areas.

Movement is made through geometric shapes, symbols and occasionally some realistic details that populate the space of her medium or large format canvases. Markings made with charcoal are what characterize and thus assert her paintings. They energetically and rhythmically emphasize the strength of her messages, which are registered one by one like scars, a memory of a lived experience or a vision of others. “Her poetic paintings,” as she likes to call them, are the graphic and chromatic witnesses of a perception of the world and of our way of being.